The Facts about Methamphetamine

crystal meth
Crystal Meth

This video by Drug outlines some of the history of methamphetamine use and addiction.  Methamphetamine is a cousin to the drug amphetamine.  The affect of methamphetamine on the body is far more daunting.  Both are highly addictive.

Amphetamine was first synthesized in the late 1800s.  Methamphetamine was discovered around 1919.  By 1971 congress classified both as Schedule II drugs, which is the most restricted category for prescription drugs.  Then the black market took over filling the gap.

Today tens of thousands of addicts struggle for survival.  Just paying for their drug habit and keeping a job can prove to be too much.  While this highly addictive drug can ruin a life in a short amount of time, there is always hope for the addict who wants to turn their life around and free themselves from their addiction.

We hope this video sheds some light on both of these drugs and addiction to them.

And if you are a loved one is struggling with a drug addiction call our hotline and get help today – 1-888-352-6072


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After Overdosing on Heroin Four Times, Mother Commits to Recovery

Heather Wetzel recovering heroin addict
Heather Wetzel

In this video Heather Wetzel explains how she became addicted to heroin, her overdoses, and the guilt she carried being an addicted mother to her four year old daughter.  She explains how she turned to a life of  crime to fund her drug habit, and the time when she overdosed and the  police arrived while her daughter was home.

I told her, Mommy’s got to go away…

She was in prison for eleven month and completed a drug program while there.

I don’t know how I lost sight of being a mother…

After she was released from prison she and her daughter lived in a treatment center for recovering mothers and their children. Heather hopes her recovery will last and that she’ll remain drug free for her daughter.  She says she feels confident about remaining drug free but she has a fear of the cravings.

Thousands of lives are lost each year to prescription drug overdose.  Opioid prescriptions are at an all time high, so are emergency room visits and deaths from overdose.  It has become a national crisis.  Sadly stories like Heather’s are common: a young mother gets caught up into drug addiction and the downward spiral is fast and ugly.  Heather is fortunate in that she’s still alive, and is drug free now.  Heroin overdoses are lethal far too often.

Too often someone addicted to opiates tries and fails to kick their addiction and mistakenly concludes they’re hopeless and they have no chance for recovery.  We see people end the cycle of addiction each day.  It’s not easy and the first thing the addict must do is recognize they have a problem and then seek help.

We hope Heather’s story inspires heroin addicts that they too can turn their lives around, no one is hopeless.

Why Are Opioids So Addictive?


This CNN video about opioid addiction is an eye opener.  For instance in 2016 every 19 minutes someone dies from an accidental drug overdose,

Opioid overdose statistics

and most of the time it’s prescription drugs.  We are facing an opioid epidemic and this documentary sheds some light on the reasons why.  Opioids,  synthetic opiates, are highly addictive.  The number of opioid prescriptions written each year is staggering.

Watch this insightful news coverage that explains why opioids are so addictive.  And if you or a loved one is affected by opioid addiction we’re here to provide guidance.  Our phone is answered 24/7.  1-888-352-6072

Crystal Meth Aid

Crystal meth shards
Crystal meth shards

In America and perhaps in other areas of the world, what is being considered as the most threatening and most dangerous drug is crystal meth. It is a stimulant that mainly attacks the central nervous system. This drug is extremely addictive. Meth has its benefits such as providing the individual the ample energy to do anything for the whole day. Moreover, people who wished to drop weight also use meth as a resort to doing so. Meth had been discovered to reduce one’s weight. These benefits allow methto go through into people’s lives and later on slowly destroy every aspect of their lives.

Learn more about Help For Crystal Meth Addicts  from the National Addiction Hotline

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Meditation and Addiction restoration

We enter into a time in our lives where we’re healing from the consequences of an addiction to drugs or alcohol, when we enter into recovery. Early recovery is where we learn to heal and learn to determine a new and healthier lifestyle which will support recovery throughout the rest of our lives. Recovery from addiction is a life-changing process and lifelong. Restoration is not the final line, it is a journey. In early recovery, you were taught several things to help them on their journey. Some of the tools provided are important, and some are optional.

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What are addictive behaviors?

Addictive behavior means doing repeated acts without experiencing any pleasure or ‘pay-off’ for this. Addictive behavior is an activity that’s perhaps not physically addicting by itself. Some situations of addictive behavior are, eating, gambling, intercourse, Internet use, or shopping. None of those are physically addictive however some individuals repeat them because of powerful wish to take action, though they could know it’s not in their best interest. This repetitive behavior may very harmful and must be treated.

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