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Opioid Addiction Stories in Their Own Words The television program, Frontline, has published several documentaries about heroin and opioid addiction.  Recently they asked their audience to open up about their experience with addictions and the responses are powerful.  Some are from addicts themselves, others from a family member or loved one touched by the addiction… Continue Reading »

More info…ONLINE WELLNESS ASSOCIATION member, DR. CAROL STOUTLAND, Chiropractic Medicine, practices the NUCCA upper cervical techniqueNO POPPING OR CRACKING. One thing that many people dont know is that a chiropractic adjustment is a primary intervention resource to help in the recovery process of addiction. Here is why it is effective: chemicals from the brain need… Continue Reading »

More info…What are the significant issues in an effective alcohol intervention? Why do some addiction interventions succeed as anticipated while many fail? The Necessity for a Celebrated History of Intervention Success Scientific examination demonstrates that a successful alcohol addiction intervention needs to be administered by an intervention expert who has a recognized record of intervention… Continue Reading »

More info…I know Ive said it before and Ill likely say it again but seeing this picture shows just how deeply Im in. Im in so much trouble I fear Im one step away from an intervention. I mean, seriously LOOK! Does that not require immediate action? Because Im thinking it kinda does. Anyway, Cindy… Continue Reading »

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