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Addiction Hotline Facts About Opioids and Opiates

CDC Opioid statistics

What are opiates and opioids? Opiates are a drug derivative of opium. Originally “opioids” referred to synthetic opiates (drugs created to mimic opium,). Today the term term Opioid is used to describe the entire family of opiates including natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic.  An opioid is best described as is any chemical or agent that binds to opioid receptors (which are protein molecules… Continue Reading »

Signs of Meth Dependence

Crystal meth and tools to smoke or inject it

Methamphetamines are psychostimulant drugs that have incredibly powerful effects on the human body and mind. Crystal Meth is a kind of methamphetamines that is regarded as among the most addicting drugs on the market together with the opiate drug heroin. In reality, Crystal Meth has a nickname of “The Devil’s Drug” as some feel it… Continue Reading »

The Facts about Methamphetamine

crystal meth

This video by Drug outlines some of the history of methamphetamine use and addiction.  Methamphetamine is a cousin to the drug amphetamine.  The affect of methamphetamine on the body is far more daunting.  Both are highly addictive. Amphetamine was first synthesized in the late 1800s.  Methamphetamine was discovered around 1919.  By 1971 congress classified… Continue Reading »

After Overdosing on Heroin Four Times, Mother Commits to Recovery

Heather Wetzel recovering heroin addict

In this video Heather Wetzel explains how she became addicted to heroin, her overdoses, and the guilt she carried being an addicted mother to her four year old daughter.  She explains how she turned to a life of  crime to fund her drug habit, and the time when she overdosed and the  police arrived while… Continue Reading »

Why Are Opioids So Addictive?

Opioid overdose statistics

  This CNN video about opioid addiction is an eye opener.  For instance in 2016 every 19 minutes someone dies from an accidental drug overdose, and most of the time it’s prescription drugs.  We are facing an opioid epidemic and this documentary sheds some light on the reasons why.  Opioids,  synthetic opiates, are highly addictive.… Continue Reading »

Crystal Meth Aid

Crystal meth shards

In America and perhaps in other areas of the world, what is being considered as the most threatening and most dangerous drug is crystal meth. It is a stimulant that mainly attacks the central nervous system. This drug is extremely addictive. Meth has its benefits such as providing the individual the ample energy to do… Continue Reading »

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