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Heroin And Opioid Addiction In Their Own Words

a mother's overdose fears

Opioid Addiction Stories in Their Own Words The television program, Frontline, has published several documentaries about heroin and opioid addiction.  Recently they asked their audience to open up about their experience with addictions and the responses are powerful.  Some are from addicts themselves, others from a family member or loved one touched by the addiction… Continue Reading »

Nashville Mayors Son Dies of Apparent Opioid Overdose

Megan Barry with Max as a young child

Thousands of people die from opioid overdose each year and now Nashville Mayor, Megan Barry’s son, Max,  has become a yet another tragic statistic, he died from an apparent overdose. His death occurred in Littleton, Colo., a suburb of Denver, where the 22-year-old Max Barry had recently moved after graduating college. “Early this morning, we received… Continue Reading »

American Epidemic A Nations Struggle With Opioid Addiction

opioid epidemic screenshot

Opioid Documentary Opioid, opiate and heroin addictions have gripped the US more than any other time in history.  Opioid addiction has become a menace. Each day addicts are overdosing and even dying at alarming rates. How do people become addicted and what price do they pay?  What does the family of an opioid or opiate… Continue Reading »

Heroin Addiction Is Not What Is Portrayed In Popular Media

portrayal of a heroin user

Are All Heroin Users Junkies? All too often heroin is portrayed in popular media as a drug that people start out injecting (shooting up) and they’re instantly addicted.  The “junkie” portrayal is more dramatic but not very realistic.  Heroin is indeed a highly addictive drug, and there are thousands of junkies who need help, but… Continue Reading »

Addiction Is a Disease

Disease model of addiction Addiction is defined as a disease by most medical professionals and organizations, including the American Medical Association and the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Like Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart disease, addiction is caused by a combination of behavioral, environmental and biological factors. Genetic risks factors account for about half of the… Continue Reading »

Indicators of Relapse

alcoholic relapse

Relapse is always a risk to the newly sober drug addict or alcoholic. An individual who is in recovery for a drug or alcohol addiction must be very careful and vigilant in early recovery and through the remainder of their life in sobriety. Relapse is definitely a chance in the existence of a recovering addict… Continue Reading »

There Is Hope