You’re Not Alone

Meditation and Addiction restoration

We enter into a time in our lives where we’re healing from the consequences of an addiction to drugs or alcohol, when we enter into recovery. Early recovery is where we learn to heal and learn to determine a new and healthier lifestyle which will support recovery throughout the rest of our lives. Recovery from… Continue Reading »

What are addictive behaviors?

Addictive behavior means doing repeated acts without experiencing any pleasure or ‘pay-off’ for this. Addictive behavior is an activity that’s perhaps not physically addicting by itself. Some situations of addictive behavior are, eating, gambling, intercourse, Internet use, or shopping. None of those are physically addictive however some individuals repeat them because of powerful wish to… Continue Reading »

Is a house recommended?

There are lots of people who are coming out of rehabilitation treatment for alcoholism or an addiction problem who are onto another stage in their recovery. That next stage of healing involves surviving in actuality minus the drugs or alcohol. This task can be quite a difficult adjustment for some body that has been residing… Continue Reading »

Healthy Medicine Therapy

An incredible number of people throughout our country have a problem with addictions to drugs and/or alcohol each day, the most recent statics show over 20 million people. These addictions develop and invade the lives of these individuals, causing them a great deal of pain.

What are rehabilitation drugs?

Rehabilitation drugs aren’t what it might sound like. Rehabilitation drugs are derivatives of specific drug families that may be used to relieve pain and adverse health effects that may come as a direct result withdrawal. Rehab drugs are basically an aid for individuals to detox more comfortably.

Is ecstasy addictive?

Ecstasy, also referred to as MDMA, can be a effective entactogenic drug. ‘Ecstasy’ describes the road drug that frequently will come in pill form. It is a synthetic drug that has amphetamine-like properties. It is also a powerful hallucinogenic. Inspiration is usually useful for recreational purposes so that you can experience feelings of extreme euphoria.… Continue Reading »

There Is Hope